7p Paid Content

What is Paid Content

A paid service of hand-to-hand content transferring.

The person who publishes a link sets the price of 7p.

Download link is encrypted and hidden. To get it, you need to click on the [BUY] button. Once you have done so, 7p will be withdrawn from your account and sent to link publisher. Simultaneously, you will be provided with the download link you need.


How to purchase

As easy as a pie! Follow three steps to do so:
1) Log or sign in the Club. Sign in
2) Make a deposit of the amount of money you wish. Deposit
3) Having done so, go back to the page and click on this button [BUY]



NOTE! While having AdBlock turned on, it might be impossible to fetch the file due to technical reasons.
(Our site doesnt comply with AdBlock, seeing as many failures have been reported)

Terms and conditions

1. Administration vouches for a transparent and secure deal.
We guarantee that:
 a) You get the file after paying;
 b) The seller gets paid for the content;
 c) In case you dont get the file, repayment equal to the sum you paid (no more, no less) will be made instantly.

2. All file distributors rights for the product are reserved and he is legally privileged to behold it as private property. No one can prove, nor can he disapprove that fact except the customer who has paid for the content and thereby possesses it.

3. Paid Content service is also a platform for private messages.
In this regard,
 a) The administration is not to divulge your personal data and content data and data related to, or posted on, private chat of this service;
 b) The administration is not responsible for the content sold;
 c) Private messages data is sensible and is not to be divulged. Distribution of it is a felony (The Secret Chat, Cell Conversations, Postal, Telegraphic or Other Messages Violation) and legally punished by the Russian Federation Criminal Court.

4. We allow selling messages from the sources other than our site, which is why some files links can be broken. If the file you want is not found with the link provided, its sellers fault, not our services.

5. Prior to buying the file, you must make sure whether the link publisher is accredited, and worth being trusted.


Read more on Terms and Conditions of the service

Request repayment in case of not getting the file
The request is written in a free form and should be submitted within 24 hours after purchasing .